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Healthcare Information Technology

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B2B companies, especially those in healthcare information technology (HIT) face unique challenges in today’s environment.
Healthcare is a dynamic, transforming industry with the line between payers and providers continuing to blur, lack of health literacy among consumers, physician burn-out, retail getting into the mix, and more.  There are over 350 healthcare IT/software companies all saying a lot of the same things.  How do you stand apart from your competition?
Product marketing in HIT companies is more important than ever.   
It is the skilled product marketer that will help you tell your story in an authentic and compelling way, get you out of the tendency to talk about product features and focus your story on the areas the buyer values.
We work with your team to ensure your go-to-market plans include the following because, believe it or not, there are usually gaps in these areas:
  • market segmentation: a well-defined and understood target market
  • buyer and buyer journey: the technical, economic and influential people involved in buying decisions and how they buy
  • quantified value proposition: the differentiating point of view (POV) that sets you apart from your competitors
As the discipline that works at the intersection of sales, product management and marketing, we can help you close your product marketing gaps by working with you to answer four specific questions:

  • Are you solving a problem people will pay for?
  • Do your sellers have the right story to tell ?
  • Are your marketing messages aligned with your sales strategy? 
  • Is your content resonating with the right audience at the right stage of their journey?
Our product marketing practice is led by Ms. Nancy Bucceri, whose expertise comes from   former senior product marketing and management  roles for IBM, Medecision, Siemens and ZeOmega. 

Her passion comes from her personal experience with the healthcare system through a medical crisis that threatened her family and threw her headfirst into the problems of disconnected care, siloed information, fragmented systems, health insurance denials, surprise medical billing and more. 

Her experience led her to write a book, Semper Avanti: A Story of Love, Determination and Perseverance  (iUniverse, 2017) and focus her professional work on making sure that what healthcare information technology solutions go to market bring shareholder and customer value.

Visit our Marketing Services page for a complete list of what we offer. 

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